Finest Seafood Experience

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The Finest Seafood Experience You’ll Find on the Gulf Coast

Big Fish Restaurant has been serving the freshest and finest seafood menu on the Gulf Coast for more than a decade. Located in the heart of Orange Beach, Alabama on Canal Road, we are a year-round, upscale restaurant and bar.

Become a Worldly Culinary Traveler

We offer the largest selection of fresh, never frozen seafood on the Gulf. Join us for a sophisticated and welcoming night out in our beautifully decorated dining room. You will feel like you are dining in a high-class New York restaurant while eating a delicious meal like a worldly traveler.

Our owners, Leck and Jana have brought their cultural influences and rich backgrounds to the fabric of the Big Fish experience. While Leck grew up in the area working with his father, learning the ropes of the fishing and restaurant industry, he spent several years overseas after initially visiting family in Bangkok. His time spent there significantly impacted his relationship with food and culture.

When Leck met his wife Jana and decided to open their own restaurant together, he created the Big Fish menu with Asian-inspired recipes for seafood while breaking the mold of the stereotypical seafood restaurant in a coastal beach town.

What The Locals Recommend

Our locals adore big Fish as we treat everyone like family. Whether you are visiting from out of town or are looking for a new place to try in the area, nailing down the right kind of seafood restaurant to enjoy for the evening might be challenging.

However, we want to make that choice easy and inviting. You won’t find heavily breaded or deep-fried fish and shrimp or an endless basket of hushpuppies or barefoot, sand-covered feet hanging out at the bar.

This is a different kind of seafood restaurant: casual yet elevated and worth the night out with folks who consider everyone who comes through the door friends and family.

Try some of the local favorites on the menu, like our Award-Winning Ginger Glazed Shrimp Skewers.

Or if you and your party are feeling adventurous, get the Hurricane. Order either the Category 3 (which serves two to four people) or the Category 5 (which serves four to six people) and be treated to a massive variety of shellfish. The Hurricane comes with lobster tail, jumbo shrimp, diver scallops, mussels, and sauteed sweet peppers over a bed of jasmine rice.

And if you are looking for something truly original, try “Big Fish Style”—a special dish of sauteed fish created by our owner, Leck.

There Is Something For Everybody

Living along the Gulf Coast affords us enjoyable weather throughout the year, so take advantage of our cozy outdoor patio with a wood-burning fireplace. We also have options for vegetarians and beef eaters, so if you are not planning on eating seafood but still want to dine with us, our menu has plenty of options for you too!

Bs the beach, and you will find that everyone having a night out at Big Fish knows each other and feel at home.