Orange Beach Attractions

States with beaches always attract a large number of visitors. If the beach has sugar white sand and offers really good food, with a lot of fun and activities, the place is guaranteed to be a hit among vacationers. Orange Beach in Alabama, located along the shores of the Gulf of Mexico is one such example which offers a wide range of activities to choose from. Also, there are a lot of good options for food as the beach hosts a large number of restaurants. Since the city is a small one with a population of around 5400 people, tourism is the main industry and visitors can always find a friendly atmosphere.

The beach is mainly made up of quartz grains which came down thousands of years back from the Appalachian mountains. Orange Beach is a favorite vacation location among tourists. The large number of activities this place has to offer is quite attractive. Look at what can be done on this beach.

What activities does Orange Beach offer?

1 One can go on fishing or sailing adventures. There is an option of Whale and dolphin watching.

2. The wharf is a must visit. It is 220-acre resort which hosts shopping centers, giant Ferris Wheel, amphitheater and much more.

3. For the history lovers, there is the Orange Beach Indian and Sea Museum.

4.Parasailing, paragliding, scuba diving, helicopter tours are also available.

5. For a local taste, the Orange Beach Art Centre is there which sells unique souvenirs created by local artists.

6. Now comes the main attraction – seafood. The beach hosts restaurants which offer some of the best seafood around. A dip in the clear waters and tanning on the sugar white sand is incomplete without trying out the foods at the restaurants.

The best seafood in town anyone?

best sushi orange beach

How do you satisfy your hunger after indulging in so many activities at the beach? Where to eat is always the question? A large number of options are available at the beach for seafood. But what if you are not a seafood lover? What if you only prefer fresh seafood? Every person has a different taste as far as food is concerned. So next time you are in Orange Beach try out Big Fish Restaurant. They offer the freshest seafood around. They serve it all fresh. For the non-seafood lover there is the option of tasty steaks, pastas and sandwiches. They have even kept the vegetarians and the kids in mind and offer freshly prepared vegetarian dishes and offer a healthy kids food selection. The ambience includes a beautiful courtyard and an elegant décor. There is a huge wine selection as well as the best sushi in Orange Beach. The owners take pride in having the most friendly staff and friendly atmosphere.

So, next time you are in Alabama, explore the activities at Orange Beach and don’t forget to stop in to try the cuisine at Big Fish Restaurant.

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