Look no further than Big Fish for a classy atmosphere, deliciously fresh seafood, and a night you will not soon forget.

The Best Sushi on The Gulf Coast.

Sushi lovers know how crucial it is to find the right spot in town to get the best sushi. If you asked around, the locals will tell you to go to Big Fish for the best sushi rolls, nigri, and sashimi!

Beyond the Menu | Baldwin County, AL | WSRE PBS

Leck Lilayuva, owner and founder of Big Fish Restaurant and Bar, was invited to be a part of the Beyond the Menu series by WSRE. Hosted by Sherri Hemminghaus Weeks, Beyond the Menu showcases several local restaurants that make the community special. In this interview, discover what inspired some of the incredible dishes on our menu and what sets Big Fish apart from the crowd.

Those native to the Gulf Coast are all too familiar with the battered and fried baskets of fish and shrimp, hush puppies, and a side of tartar sauce that are pretty typical of beachside seafood joints. But Big Fish’s ambitious menu of fresh, Asian-fusion seafood quickly became a favorite among the community and has even won awards because of it.

Fashion Forward | Owner Leck Lilayuva Wins Nike Shoe Contest

Our owner and founder, Leck Lilayuva is a man of many passions, including food, fashion, and sneakers. After an international modeling career and building on his father’s legacy of owning a seafood restaurant, Leck was finally able to indulge in an unsung dream.

Leck patiently waited two years on the waiting list to join in on a sneaker masterclass hosted by Dominic Ciambrone, CEO and Founder of The Shoe Surgeon. Ciambrone is known as a sneaker guru, known best in the industry for sneaker customization, design, and shoemaking.

Leck and his fellow classmates were tasked with creating their own sneaker design by hand. The winning sneakers were Leck’s, a Fishscale design that pays homage to his past and his present. The Fishscale shoe design won a limited production run as a luxury sneaker by The Shoe Surgeon.

Big Fish Presents Prize for Hole-In-One at the Orange Beach Golf Center’s Skins Game

Big Fish is a proud supporter of the Orange Beach community, including The Orange Beach Golf Center’s annual Skins Game. As a participating sponsor of the February 2021 Skins Game, our owner Leck Lilayuva presented the winner, Tom Myers, with a $250 check for a hole-in-one at Hole 9.

Celebrity Sightings | Morgan Freeman Visits Big Fish in Orange Beach

Big Fish has had the pleasure of entertaining quite a few celebrities, including Emeril, Brett Farve, and Morgan Freeman—just to name a few!

Morgan Freeman made such an impression when he first paid us a visit, we named our private dining room after him.

A celebrity stopping by and enjoying an incredibly delicious meal is a great sign of how great of an experience our guests are in for. If celebrity chef Emeril likes us, it is hard to imagine anyone else wouldn’t!

The Gulf Coast is a big draw for vacationers, but it is no stranger to celebrities looking for a relaxing getaway. Many film and television productions come to the Gulf Coast and surrounding area for filming locations, so you never know who might end up eating in the same restaurant as you!

If you ever want a chance at a celebrity encounter, make sure you visit the best restaurant in town!

flash fried lobster tail


4 – 5 oz cold water tail flash fried with wasabi tempura served with a sweet-chile sauce

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