Freshest Seafood in Orange Beach AL

Some of the freshest seafood in Orange Beach AL is served right here at Big Fish Restaurant. Sushi is a hugely popular dish, especially among adventurous and cultured eaters. With a dish that encompasses a wide array of different seafood and tons of intriguing combinations all in bite sized pieces, you’re sure to attract a lot of attention. When it comes tFreshest Seafood in Orange Beach ALo quality sushi, several different places might come to mind. Oodles of cities throughout Japan, or even a state like California. Perhaps New York City. Not many people would immediately think of Orange Beach, Alabama as the go-to place for amazing sushi, but that’s because they’ve never had the delectable sushi from Big Fish Restaurant. Big Fish is the place to go when you want amazing, unique, and mouth-watering sushi. The atmosphere is impeccable, the experience is stunning, but nothing compares to the absolutely riveting sushi.

The Freshest of the Fresh

The key to making perfect sushi is to use the freshest ingredients all of the time, regardless. Whether you’re making a tradition Cali roll or putting a unique twist on a classic combination, you have to have freshly caught seafood to make the dish work. There is nothing quite like a perfectly composed Philly roll, and you can tell the difference between good sushi and bad pretty easily. Tuna, salmon, shrimp, crab—it’s all delicious, but only when it’s fresh. Frozen fish never tastes quite the same as just-caught cod, but that’s a lessen sushi chefs all must learn at some point or another. Big Fish Restaurant is home to incredible sushi chefs who exclusively use fresh seafood in every single dish they construct to ensure quality and taste superiority. Being picky about seafood is what enables them to rise above the competition and become the best seafood restaurant in all of Alabama, particularly in the realm of sushi.

High Standards without Crazy Prices

It can be challenging to find an amazing seafood restaurant that doesn’t break the bank. Sushi is steadily becoming a more and more expensive treat, but when you go to Big Fish, you don’t have to sacrifice your rent in order to get a quality meal. The chefs at Big Fish are picky, and they select only the best local seafood on the market to work with. They use only the highest quality markets and produce the finest sushi dishes in the whole city. Despite these incredibly high standards, you can get amazing sushi at a perfect price for a wonderful night out.


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